Our default mode as humans is to serve ourselves, but Jesus called us to something radically different (Mark 10:45). He told us to love our neighbor and that everyone is our neighbor (Matthew 25:40). We also don’t serve in order to be loved. Rather, we serve because of the love shown to us. Whenever we serve others it’s because God is alive and at work in and through us. 


Serve alongside of us in the community…foster care, homeless, individuals and families in need, Create, Trunk or Treat. Our valley is in desperate need for the church to answer the call to help the least of these, and we want you to join us in being a part of a movement of service and love towards our neighbors. 

At The Well

A simple and meaningful way to live as Christ called us to live is to serve within the church (worship, Community Groups, fellowship, cooking meals, set up, council, and office tasks.) God has gifted us all uniquely and asks us to work as a body, with Christ as the head. This is a church where we rely on each other and share life together.