What is Membership at The Well?

In this case, it is not like joining a club.  Rather, we are members in the sense of a body.  Though Jesus unites us together as many members into one body (the universal church), the local church exists to serve the local people in a unique way, which uniquely expresses God’s mission in their context.  Through the work of Jesus, we are connected together as many different parts of the same body universally and locally, working together for His glory.  Membership with us means to journey alongside of us in values and vision at The Well in the Kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 12:12-31a)

If you have attended the recent Membership Class or covenanted with us before, then please download the Membership Info, review it, and then covenant with us either March 11th or 18th (or 25th, if needed) by making a verbal promise of walking with us in mission. 

If you have only partially attended the Membership Class, or haven't attended it all together, then we'd like for you become a member in three easy steps: 1) Review the Membership Info alone with the Home Study and 2) Make an appointment with Pastor Todd to discuss life at The Well, then 3) make your verbal commitment to walk with us on one of the above Sundays. 

For any questions, please contact Pastor Todd at todd[at]

Membership Info and Covenant

Membership Home Study