::  Where do you worship?  ::

We currently hold our weekly worship gatherings at Our Savior Lutheran Church at 1821 W. Lancaster Blvd.

::  When are your worship services?  ::

Worship begins at 9:00am.

::  What do you have for kids?  ::

During the school year, we have a special time for Kids' Ministry after worship. This is where we pray, sing songs, and learn about who we are as God's children. It's always a lot of fun! While this kids meet, there is an Adult Bible Study in the kitchen area. In the summertime we do a Children's Message during the worship service.  

::  Is there child care available during worship?  ::

We offer a safe and fun environment for kids during the service with a nursery that is staffed with some excellent and caring people. We love having kids in the service, but know that this is very hard for some kids. We view our child care as a way to help encourage parents in their spiritual development. That way, they'll share the love of Jesus with their kids throughout the week.  Our child care is located towards the back of the building in Bethlehem hall near the playground.

::  Ministry...isn't that the pastor's job?  ::

At The Well, we feel that everyone is a missionary and a priest.  Yes, we mean everyone! We have all been equipped with the same Holy Spirit and have all been put in unique places to share God's love with those you are surrounded by. Martin Luther said that being Christian is like being "little Christs."  We each get to share the same Christ that a pastor can with those we know (in other words, you get to share Christ with people that the pastor doesn't know).

::  Why don't you have more programs?  ::

We're not overly concerned with programs.  We're more concerned about people.  We are a community of faith where activity happens organically, and ministry grows out of relationship and a love of Christ.  Yeah, we do have programs, but our focus will always remain on each individual sharing the love of Christ with people they are in contact with, whether or not they are a part of the church.

::  What can I expect when I come to worship?  ::

Expect a relaxed yet focused worship service. Most people just wear whatever they feel comfortable in, so please come as you are.


::  What style of worship do you do?  ::

Our worship isn't restricted to style. It is Christ-centered no matter what we are doing. When you come, expect to hear songs that are brand new as well as ancient hymns sung one right after the other. We also like to incorporate many elements of liturgy that have been around for thousands of years, as well as elements that are new. Regardless, we only do things that keep the focus on Jesus.


::  What do you believe?  Do you have any doctrinal statement?  ::

Yes, just check here.

::  Is The Well affiliated with any denomination?  ::

Yes, we are affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

::  How can I learn more about The Well?  ::

Keep looking around the website, check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Contact Us and we'd love to chat and tell you more about who we are and what's going on.