Worship is a two way street.  Yes, it's when we gather and sing praises to God, but there's also an element of God coming to us through His Word, His Sacraments, and in His Spirit.  Worship is the best way that we interact with God, and who better to do that with than your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  

At The Well we like to view our worship services as both relaxed yet focused.  We're a casual group of people, but we also feel that even in the relaxed atmosphere that our focus remain on the reason why we gather.  

Currently we are sharing space with Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Lancaster.  We worship there at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.  We have Children's Ministry during the latter part of the service for kids to have a special time to learn about Christ. We also have a cry room for parents who need to change a diaper, nurse, or just calm a little one down.