The Story

Starting the week of April 7th, we'll be doing a 31 week long study as a community.  We're going to use "The Story" as our guide (one chapter a week).  We'll post the studies for the week up on our blog as well as email them out to group leaders.  

"The Story" takes portions of Scripture and puts them into novel form.  It's almost entirely quotes from Scripture assembled together to tell God's story of salvation in a simple way.  

We are encouraging everyone who participates to do this with at least one other person.  It not only helps keep you going for the entire 31 weeks, but it will also enrich your experience as you discuss God and life with someone else.  Here's the breakdown of how you can participate with us.

1) Get the book-we're currently selling them for $7 a piece while supplies last before and after worship.  You can also try to win a copy.  Each Tuesday at noon we'll be posting a Bible Trivia question on our Twitter, Facebook, and on our blog, and the first correct answer wins. 

2) Gather a Home Group-this is the group that you'll meet with every week to discuss the chapter of "The Story".  Make sure to set a time and day that you'll meet and stick to it. Each Home Group should have a Group Facilitator.  This is just our contact person who will get each study emailed to them each week and who will help keep your group on track.  

3) Gather a Neighborhood Group-this is a collection of Home Groups.  On weeks 5, 15, and 25 of this series, we are encouraging Home Groups to forgo their normal study time to get together with a few other Home Groups (we're encouraging 3 or 4), have a meal, do your study, and have some fellowship.  These groups don't have be geographically based, but that could be helpful.  This is not required, but we feel will help you stay on track and have a greater level of fellowship in the process.

4) Come to the Churchwide Gatherings-on April 6th, we'll have our kick off.  We'll have a meal, babysitting, and a short teaching on how the study will go, as well as a time of prayer for God to guide us.  On week 10, 20, and 31, we'll forgo our Home Groups and get together for a meal and Pastor Todd will teach on that chapter (babysitting will be provided).  

5) Pray for this ministry, that we are all blessed as we get further rooted in God's work of salvation.

If you have any questions or would like to get a book or set up your Home Group, please contact us.

Here is a packet which describes the the entire 31 weeks (with a schedule).  Note each week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.  Below we will post each study as the weeks go on in pdf form.  

Chapter 1 Study

Chapter 2 Study

Chapter 3 Study

Chapter 4 Study

Chapter 5 Study

Chapter 6 Study

Chapter 7 Study

Chapter 8 Study

Chapter 9 Study

Chapter 10 (this was a live teaching event at the Churchwide Gathering and the pdf is unavailable)

Chapter 11 Study

Chapter 12 Study

Chapter 13 Study

Chapter 14 Study

Chapter 15 Study