Advent Photo Challenge

Advent is a season of preparation and gathering together as we await the coming of Jesus.

To help us all get ready for celebration of Christ's birth, we've developed this simple devotional. All of the directions are in the file below, but it's set up to have some time in God's Word, prayer, and reflection that will hopefully stick with you throughout the day. We encourage everyone to take a photo that you feel conveys what God is teaching you about the theme of the day. Then post the picture on your preferred social media with the hashtags #interruptedbyjoy and #thewellav so that we can encourage one another. Each day will help our hearts grow closer to God and keep our minds focused upon the reason for the season. 

You can download the devotion/photo challenge here and keep in on your phone, but we'll make sure to post the days on Facebook each day as well. Have fun!